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50 great tools

Over 50 great features which have been designed in cooperation with leading e‑government officials using state of the art 21st century software development standards.


CountryOS is the first software solution whose data and servers are not only distributed globally but also throughout space - our seven powerful satellite servers are swirling around the Earth 24/7 to ensure that all partner countries remain safe and secure from any force majeure.


CountryOS is built to manage both public and private data. All data marked as private is safe and visible only to CountryOS users. However, you can easily share all dashboards, reports, documents, and decisions via social media with just a click of a button.

Fast and simple e-voting

With CountryOS you can ask for any bill or change in law based on public opinion in just 2-3 hours. You can launch a simple country-wide poll or e-vote that is rapidly sent to all of your citizens in just two to three hours. You will receive the results in two days.

Budget management

With a simple drag and drop dashboard and scrollbars you can very easily prepare your national budget. Send it for approval and review to all party members in just a few seconds.

100% paperless

Manage all of your contracts, decisions made in meetings, polls, votes, chats, logs, and changes 100% electronically. However, for those who still love paper, we have included a “print it out” button for all features.

Crisis management

Are terrorists causing you too much trouble? With just a push of a button you can increase the security level of your country, send public announcements, and deploy security forces. With our integrations you can deploy your military in a few short minutes.

Agile tax management

Economy needs a boost? Change your taxes on the go! You can both simulate and implement an increase in social taxes with just a few clicks. This feature works for the short, medium, and long term.

A/B Testing

Perform A/B testing with laws, government bills, or other changes in your legal system. Test the changes and receive feedback within one month and, if required, revert everything back to how it was just one month later.

Immigration management

Change the real-time immigration quotas from a dedicated dashboard. All decisions are automatically sent to the entire population so that you can receive direct feedback.

Social communication

You can share the best moments and events in your country with both our partner countries and your government ministers. Have a quick chat with the global governance community to avoid pitfalls and mistakes.

Powerful integrations

You can use CountryOS as a command centre to do basically anything.

You can easily manage your immigration and emigration flows using Teleport. Just choose the segments of the population that you would like to encourage to emigrate or global citizens that you would like to attract to your country - Teleport takes care of all the rest.



Too much government debt on your balance sheet? Don’t worry! With Transferwise you can pay back all your foreign debt with just a click of a button, faster, and cheaper than ever before.



Chat with special interest groups and other tech-savvy world leaders. Inject vital country statistics into your chats with our custom Slack extension.

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Want to integrate your service or custom scripts with Country OS? Our light weight JSON/REST based API makes this process very easy.

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