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Revolutionary cloud-based country management tool for modern tech-based countries. Get your country management efficiency to a whole new level.

mr. president
This is bigger than Skype

— Toomas Hendrik Ilves, the President of Estonia

mr. prime minister
Finally the tool we have been looking for

— Taavi Rõivas, the Prime Minister of Estonia

Quick setup

Just import all parliament members, government officials and the population database and you are set up and ready to go in less than 30 minutes.

100% secure

Each country’s data is stored in an isolated environment. Strong encryption is used for all data and communications, ensuring compliance with international standards.


It works for every country in the world, regardless of the population size and the form of government. All features, dashboards and notifications are fully customizable.

Designed for efficient country management

Over 50 great features which have been designed in cooperation with leading e‑government officials using state of the art 21st century software development standards.


Customizable dashboards

Whether it’s overall happiness in a country, the unemployment rate, or the participation rate in the latest polls or e-votes, you can view everything on a powerful, customizable dashboard.

Advanced e-voting

Generate public opinion polls with just a click of a button. All citizens and residents can vote on any law, discussion, or problem, using their mobile phones.

Designed for mobility and convenience

The CountryOS platform has been developed for cosmopolitan people for whom mobile phones and tablets are just as important as laptops.

Native mobile apps

Government officials, parliament members, and citizens all have simple and efficient native iOS and Android versions. Learn more.

Push notifications

Notifications about upcoming e-votes and the decreasing popularity of the leading party - all conveniently pushed to your phone.

Chat with people

Generate public forums or open a chat window with a government representative or union leader.

Designed to be globally accessible, safe, and secure

Designed in cooperation with international cyber security experts. The platform is safe to use on all devices and platforms.

Secure communications

Our communications layer is based on Estonia’s X-Road protocols, allowing for fully secure and auditable exchange of data.

Strong authentication

Various strong authentication methods are supported, including national ID cards and 3rd party providers.

Based on smart contracts

Collaborative features are built upon Ethereum smart contracts, thereby providing a fully transparent and secure voting process.

Powerful APIs

We provide APIs that provide access to various types of data, including anonymised aggregated data for statistical analysis.

Powerful integrations

You can use CountryOS as a command centre to do basically anything.

You can easily manage your immigration and emigration flows using Teleport. Just choose the segments of the population that you would like to encourage to emigrate or global citizens that you would like to attract to your country - Teleport takes care of all the rest.



Too much government debt on your balance sheet? Don’t worry! With Transferwise you can pay back all your foreign debt with just a click of a button, faster, and cheaper than ever before.



Chat with special interest groups and other tech-savvy world leaders. Inject vital country statistics into your chats with our custom Slack extension.

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Want to integrate your service or custom scripts with Country OS? Our light weight JSON/REST based API makes this process very easy.

View API Documentation

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